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Silver coins are a commodity.  Like any commodity the prices fluctuate based on supply and demand.  The value of your silver coins is primarily based on the underlying price per ounce of silver.  In addition to this there may be a numismatic, or rare coin value associated with your coins or collection.  For example, a 1994 silver eagle coin is worth more than other years due to the low amount minted in comparison to other years.  Their value is 20-25% higher than other years due to their scarcity.  When valuing your coins another major factor is their condition.  Uncirculated mint condition coins will be more valuable than coins that have been handled and show wear.  Purchasing silver coins as investment based solely on speculation in the silver market is a good idea, but you should also be aware of the potential for gain based on the rarity of your coins.  There is always going to be a commission or premium associated with buying and selling coins.  If you purchase a one ounce silver American Eagle coin you will probably pay $4-5 more than the current spot price of silver.  If silver is $12 an ounce, your coin will probably cost you $16.  When selling your coin you will also receive less than the current market price.  Buying and selling in bulk reduces the amount of commission and when seriously considering an investment in silver you should buy as much as you can at one time to avoid paying the highest commission rates.  When investing in silver coins as a means to posses and speculate in physical silver, consider buying bags of pre-1965 U.S. coins.  They have a silver content of about 90%.  A U.S. silver dollar minted in 1964 or earlier contains approximately 77% of an ounce of silver.

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